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  • Increase Productivity and Access By providing telemedicine remotely, employees are not forced to take time off to see a physician. Average time of missed work to see a family practice physician is 4 hours. In fact, businesses can set up a private room where employees can speak with the doctor and greatly limit the financial impact to the employer. For those employees treating sick family members, telemedicine has been proven to enhance the quality of care with a faster response time.
  • Redirect ER and urgent care utilization to more appropriate modes of care Seventy percent of primary care visits and 40% of ER visits are unnecessary and could be redirected through telemedicine. If you were to eliminate the unnecessary ER visits and PCP visits, what would it do for the cost of your health plan? Telemedicine of America is an affordable option to costly urgent care and ER visits for non-emergency issues.
  • Reduce administrative and personnel costs Employers enjoy the ability to sign up for the service allowing our administrative offices to handle the entire process. There is no added paperwork, compliance or need to navigate any hard to understand rules. The process is simple and direct with no capital investment.
  • Participation at any level employer desires Since it is highly economical, we recommend the employer use the service as a way to retain good employees and reduce your healthcare costs. Employers can provide the entire cost of Telemedicine of America for less than a typical co-pay.
  • Return on Investment If your employees are covered under a self-funded or partially self-funded health plan, we can use your previous year's claims data or industry average information to show you the potential savings to your plan. Implement Telemedicine of America and realize your savings immediately. There are no enrollment periods and we can have you up and running in less than 30 days.

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