Common Ailments

  Common ailments can be treated by Telemedicine
Most of our typical health concerns are born from exposure to common illnesses. These do not require invasive care, and are easily treated. Most can be treated by home. This is especially important for families with children. You may actually lower your child's risk of contracting more severe illnesses by not having to visit a doctor's office. By using telemedicine, you get your consultation and treatment faster than you would from a regular physician and at far lower cost.

These are some of the illnesses we treat most frequently. So, whether you have health insurance coverage or not, our telemedical program truly is a great first choice for care of these ailments:

General Health

Acid Reflux Acne Allergies
Asthma Bacterial Infections Bronchitis
Cellulitis Cold & Flu Constipation
Diarrhea Ear Infection Fever
Fungal Infection Gout Headache
Heartburn Infections Insect Bites
Joint Aches Migraines Nausea
Pink Eye Rashes Sinus Conditions
Sore Throat Stomach Virus Urinary Tract Infections

Pediatric Care

Cold & Flu Constipation Ear Infection
Fever Nausea & Vomiting Pink Eye

Ailments listed above are examples. You may have other conditions which are treatable via telemedicine. Enroll now and ask our providers about your specific needs.