Common Prescriptions

Common medications prescribed by our telemedical program

Our Physicians can diagnose and treat you over the phone or web video. You can give them the pharmacy of your choice and we will send your Prescription over the SureScripts® network to the pharmacy. Medicines prescribed by the telemedical program can be used to treat many common ailments, saving you time and money by not having to visit a doctor's office.

Prescription Medications

Augmentin Amoxicillin Bactrium
Cephalexin Cipro Guaifenesin
Indomethacin Levaquin Lisinopril
Macrobid Prednisone Z-Pak

NOTE: The telemedicine program is not insurance. It is not a discount program. *Prescriptions may be written when deemed clinically appropriate. No DEA controlled substances, no lifestyle, no mood altering drugs, or those that may have the potential for abuse will be written. View DEA Controlled Substances