Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is a 24/7/365 doctor’s visit over the phone or via web to consult, diagnose and if needed prescribe for common and acute illness.

Will I be speaking with a “real doctor”?
Yes. The physicians in our network are all US Board Certified and actively practicing in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Emergency Room or Pediatrics.

What conditions can be treated?
Most commonly treated include cold & flu, allergies, sinus problems, urinary tract infections, pink eye, and many other non-emergency situations.

What if I have an emergency?
If your situation requires emergency treatment, our nurses can assist with dialing 911 or locating an emergency facility near you.

How can the doctor issue a prescription without seeing me in person?
The most common prescriptions given are antibiotics and antihistamines. Our physicians follow strict protocol when diagnosing conditions. *No DEA controlled substances, no lifestyle, no mood altering drugs, or those that may have the potential for abuse will be written.

Are my records private?
Yes. You determine who can view your secure Health Portal to share your telemedicine records or you can add records from other physicians for convenient access 24/7.

Can I call or be treated if I am traveling outside of the United States?
You can always request a consult however, prescriptions cannot be issued for international consults (only US pharmacies).

Can I use my usual pharmacy?
Yes. When a prescription is deemed necessary, the physician can send the request to any pharmacy you would like. *NOTE, many pharmacies have free or reduced prices on antibiotics (Publix, Kroger, Wal-Mart, etc). If you are using your insurance prescription card, standard negotiated rates will apply.

For members, what is the process for calling in or web consult?
Simply dial the toll free phone we will provide or click the Member Login button at the private telemedical website. A nurse will take information and history (just as an in person visit- this could take just a few minutes) and then will assign to the first available physician in queue – similar on web however, the member types the information.
Average call back time is less than 23 min.