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Medical Doctors / Prescriptions

Medical Doctors

Our telemedical program is physician owned and therefore they know the barriers between patients and providers in today’s healthcare market. We want to provide patients with a more effective and efficient means to get the urgent care they need in a timely manner. Our telemedical physicians and specialists include the very best of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Pediatricians.


We personally know our physicians and do not contract with groups that do not meet our high standards of quality care. We pride ourselves on the customer service as telemedicine physicians need to be able to successfully communicate with the patient. Patients can consult with a U.S.-based licensed medical doctor 24/7/365 for common and acute illnesses (e.g. colds, flu, fever, sore throat, and many more). Doctors are available to answer questions and to provide advice, second opinions and , when deemed appropriate, prescription refills (no DEA controlled or lifestyle medications).

All telemedical program members enjoy fast response times, including nights, weekends and holidays, so you or your family member do not have to wait to be treated. Parents especially like the fact they don’t have to dress a sick child, tow along other children and wait endlessly in a doctor’s waiting room, where more sickness is encountered. You stay HOME with your family and receive medical care remotely which is not only more convenient, but also more comfortable.


Telemedicine physicians may prescribe medication if deemed medically appropriate. We must abide by all state law prescription requirements. The most common prescriptions patients receive are antibiotics and antihistamines. We may provide short term maintenance medications if you are traveling or in transition to a new doctor. Patients with chronic illnesses need to communicate with their primary care doctors or specialists for continuity of care.

Telemedicine is not a fulfillment warehouse. We strictly adhere to all state regulations. We do not prescribe any DEA controlled substances or lifestyle drugs. We do not prescribe anti-depressants which are drugs that may be harmful because of their potential for abuse.

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