A Mom With Three Kids

  "I am a mom with three kids under the age of 7. Anyone who has a larger family knows when one gets sick they all get sick. And with the oldest in school all day something is always coming home. The worst part is scheduling a doctor appointment around drop-offs and pick-ups and still have time to do everything else. I can’t be sitting in an office while I am supposed to get my preschooler if the baby is sick. So I tried the telemedical program."

"We don’t have insurance so this was a blessing. I was able to get my baby taken care of, and had them look at the preschooler, all on the web cam. That did it for me. We didn’t go to an office where they pick up something else. And I was not late for getting my son. I can’t tell you what its like you just have to get it yourself."

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