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A Salesperson On The Road

"What can I say about a service that came to my rescue almost immediately? My regular family doctor is great but was booked solid. I was told I could wait in the room all day until there was a ‘break’, but no guarantees. I had to get ready for a sales trip and could not wait. I just needed an antibiotic for a recurring problem."


"They would not write the prescription without seeing me, and said they could not see me for several days. By that time it would be too late as I would already be on the road. Forget it!"

"My employer joined the telemedical service recently. I went ahead, signed up, and I was able to access a doctor right away. They called back. They understood, and I had my prescription. For less than a co-pay I had service the same day, and what I needed. For all our future family illnesses, unless we really have something unusual and need to go into the doctor, we will be calling our telemedical provider. The other feature I like is having a doctor on call when I am on the road."